is coconut charcoal safe

Coconut charcoals are getting popular and people even use them for different purposes. However, some people still wonder is coconut charcoal safe to use. This charcoal is made from a part of the coconut, particularly its outer parts. They are none other than coconut shells.

Coconut shells are often thrown away as they are side products in the coconut milk industry. However, this material has now increased its value since manufacturers begin to transform it into something useful. It is better than traditional charcoals from wood since they need to cut trees in the production.

Is Coconut Charcoal Safe to Produce?

Coconut charcoals are amazing gifts from nature and they also become the best form among charcoals. This combustible biomass is 100 percent natural so it is safe. The production process involves burning the shells from matured coconut in a kiln. The burning process maintains a limited amount of air.

The consistency in the burning process is important as the charcoal form require an evenly black color and 72 percent of fixed carbon. However, is coconut coal safe to make? The answer is yes. It is since matured coconut shell is the only ingredient used and it doesn’t include any additives in the production too.

Why Coconut Charcoal are Safe to Use?

There are several reasons why people currently move from traditional charcoals to the ones made from coconut. 

1. Less smoke and ash

Coconut charcoals contain 70 to 80 percent carbon and they are pure. Meanwhile, the ash content in this material ranges from 5 to 10 percent. That amount is less than the traditional charcoals made from wood. That’s why, when you use it for cooking or grilling, this material produces less smoke and ash.

It proves to those who still questioning is coconut charcoal safe to use. You can cook or grill more comfortably since the smoke from the burning process will not affect your eyes and clothes. You can clean the leftovers easily too.

2. Non-toxic

The content of coconut charcoals is non-toxic but they can absorb most toxic well. Even this black powder has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Currently, numerous skin care products include activated charcoal from coconut shells as one of their ingredients.

The natural antimicrobial effects that come from this natural material are effective to get rid of toxins from the skin. Skin products containing this natural ingredient also help to reduce pain and inflammation such as insect bites or exposure to toxic plants.

3. Odorless

Activated charcoals from coconut shells are also effective to remove odor and harmful gases. That’s why now it is easier to find deodorant products or air purifier that involves this material. Even when you use this charcoal for cooking, it doesn’t cause a smoky odor like the traditional ones.

Even you can make a homemade air purifier from this activated charcoal. You just need to put it inside the plastic and place it in the area with bad smells such as near shoe racks or beside the fridge.

Those are several reasons why is coconut charcoal safe for various uses. If you interest to know more information about coconut charcoal, you can visit our website. You can also click here to send a direct message with our team.