Looking for Charcoal for Shisha for Sale?

Looking for Charcoal for Shisha for Sale? Charcoal is an important part of the shisha experience. When you use the right charcoal, your shisha session will be very enjoyable. The thing is, not all charcoal for shisha for sale is the same. Some charcoal are better than others. In this post, we tell you things you should know about charcoal for shisha.

Shisha vs. Hookah: What’s the Difference?

Before we get further, let’s make things clear first. Let’s talk about shisha vs. hookah. Is shisha the same as hookah? Or are they different?

Technically, the two terms refer to different things. Shisha refers to the tobacco you smoke while hookah refers to the pipe. While these are the formal definitions, the two are often used interchangeably to refer to the activity of smoking through the water pipe.

So, unless you are being technical, there is no difference between shisha and hookah. They both can be used to refer to the same activity.

Charcoal Types

Before you shop around for charcoal for shisha for sale, it is a good idea to know charcoal types. There are two charcoal types: natural and quick lighting.

  • Natural charcoal

Natural charcoal is your go-to option if you want a fresh, all-organic shisha. This type of charcoal leaves a low amount of ash and has little to no effect on the taste. Plus, natural charcoal tend to be less expensive compared to quick lighting ones and unlikely to cause a headache.

The downside of natural charcoal is that it takes time to light. In general, the ignition time of natural charcoal ranges between 3 and 5 minutes. Since the charcoal takes a while to light, it is not an ideal choice if you want a quick shisha session.

  • Quick lighting charcoal

Quick lighting charcoal is the opposite of natural charcoal. Igniting quick lighting charcoal takes only 30 seconds, making it an ideal choice if you want a quick session.

As for the downside, this type of charcoal is usually more expensive. Also, it leaves a high amount of ash and may have a side taste. In some cases, it might cause a headache, especially when smoking a lot.

Charcoal for Shisha for Sale: Tips to find the Best

  • Find out what it is made of

Charcoal for hookah made from natural materials are the best. They are very unlikely to have a side taste and leave a low amount of ash.

  • Check its color when lit

When charcoal is lit, its color will change. Good quality charcoal changes to a shade of brown when ignited. Low-quality one, on the other hand, will turn to ashy white.

  • Check its hardness

The harder the charcoal, the better. Why? Because hard charcoal won’t be broken and charred easily. Plus, they leave less ash and are easier to clean.

  • Take note of how long it lasts

When you buy charcoal, you want one that lasts long. If the charcoal has good longevity, you won’t need to change charcoal often.

If you want the best shisha experience, you need to find the right charcoal. It might take time to find it, however. Want a quick solution? Our charcoal will ensure you have a long, pleasant shisha experience. Check out our natural coconut charcoal here Indonesiacoconutcharcoal.net or whatsApp +628-1212-333-590 (Maria)