Shisha charcoal shape varies. You should get the right shape based on the usage. Here, we have information about the charcoal shape and package. Then, you can decide on the best product before buying it.

Cube Charcoal

It is one of the most common charcoal shapes for shisha. The cube size also varies. Companies often prepare 4 different charcoal cubes. There is a 27 x 27 x 27 mm cube charcoal. You will get approximately 56 pieces per kg. You can also order 26 x 26 x 26 mm cube charcoal. You get more charcoal per kg. A package of this cube is approximately 64 pieces. Companies also offer 25 x 25 x 25 mm charcoal cubes. The total of the charcoal you will get is 72 pieces per package. Do you want to get more charcoal? If so, buy 22 x 22 x 22 mm charcoal. A package of this shape is 96 pieces per package.

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Finger Charcoal

Finger charcoal is also available in the market besides cube charcoal. This shisha charcoal shape is perfect if you want to use smaller charcoal. There are also 4 different sizes of finger charcoal you can get in the market. Charcoal stores are ready with 18 x 50 mm. They pack it for 72 pieces per package. Alternatively, they offer 18 x 35 mm finger charcoal. You will get 102 pieces per pack if buying this size. 20 x 50 mm and 20 x 35 mm finger charcoal are also available. The 20 x 50 mm charcoal provides 72 pieces per pack. 20 x 30 mm finger charcoal is the biggest package. You get up to 94 pieces per package.

Hexagonal Charcoal

The third charcoal shape is hexagonal. This shape is unique and perfect for shisha. Companies produce hexagonal charcoal in 3 different sizes. The biggest package is 20 x 35 mm charcoal. The content of this package is 94 pieces of hexagonal charcoal. On the other hand, the smallest hexagonal charcoal is 23 x 48 mm. You are about to get a package consisting of 54 pieces of hexagonal charcoal. The third option is 20 x 50 mm charcoal. You get 64 pieces of hexagonal charcoal in 1 kg or a pack. 

Stick Charcoal

Shisha smokers and business owners also use stick charcoal. This charcoal is also suitable for hookah, BBQ, sukiyaki, and others. The most popular size of this charcoal is 1 inch in diameter x 2.4 inches in length.

Circle Charcoal

Circle charcoal is also known as disc charcoal. This charcoal is suitable for advanced hookah smokers. The size of this product is 50 mm in diameter x 25 mm in height. Companies or sellers pack this product per 1 kg. A package of circle charcoal consists of 80 pieces.  

Flat Charcoal

Do you like to smoke shisha in a short session? If so, flat charcoal is a suitable option. The shape of this product looks like a flat beam bar. Since it is perfect for a short shisha session, you should manage the heat well. There will be 25 mm x 25 mm x 17 mm of flat charcoal in the market.

The point is that there are at least 6 different charcoal shapes you can choose for smoking Shisha. You only have to understand the characteristics of each charcoal. The shisha charcoal shape often determines the burning time and the easiness of managing it in the shisha plate.

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