Natural activated charcoal

When it comes to things you ingest, people will often time look for a natural version of the thing. This is true for most food products and believe it or not, activated charcoal. But the thing is, is there an actual natural activated charcoal? Or is it just marketing gimmick that manufacturers use to lure in customers? Let’s find out.

Do Naturally Activated Charcoal Exists?

If we’re speaking truthfully, there are no such thing as natural activated charcoal. The charcoal is heated at extreme temperature in order to create more surface area; there’s no way for it to achieve this naturally without human interferences.

So if you’re asking whether natural activated charcoal like that exists, then the answer has to be: No, it doesn’t.

But as with organic, the term natural has a somewhat slightly different meaning when used with food ingredients. When people say natural, they often mean that the thing is contain natural ingredients that exists in nature.

As such, if looked from this angle, yes, there exists a natural activated charcoal. You can consider any charcoal contain naturally-occurring wood for natural activated charcoal. So think of activated charcoal from coconut shells, hardwood, and others.

Some modern-day briquettes that are sold in store and online can sometimes contain coal as part of their ingredients, so if this is a distinction that matters to you, just look out for it as this’ll turn the activated charcoal into an unnatural charcoal.

Do Natural Activated Charcoal Have Any Differences?

So another thing to question about it is this; are they different from their ‘unnatural’ counterpart? Are they more healthy when you use them?

Well it’s a bit confusing as there aren’t many studies showing the differences between ‘natural’ and ‘unnatural’ activated charcoal. But people have claimed that it generally leaves no odor nor taste when used in cooking or when you ingest them.

Other than that though, an activated charcoal is still an activated charcoal, there’s barely anything that’d make it more or less desirable compared to its other counterpart.

So if you don’t care about the ‘naturalness of your activated charcoal, you don’t need to worry as you’re not really missing all that much.


And with this we conclude this article on dissecting whether naturally activated charcoal exists or not. In general, it is more a marketing ploy that manufacturers use to lure in customers. There aren’t many researches available detailing the benefits or effects of using an activated charcoal that’s ‘natural’.

From our perspective, we do not notice any other benefit when using ‘natural’ activated charcoal other than the fact that it’s mostly odorless and tasteless. 

As a conclusion, you’d be fine sticking with whatever type of activated charcoal you’ve been using. However, if the quality above is attractive or important enough for you; then feel free to switch to the natural variant. Just keep in mind that they might be more expensive than its ‘unnatural’ variant.


Anyway, those were everything we’re able to talk about for this article, we hope you find it useful. You can read more article about natural charcoal, like coconut charcoal with many advantages in our website. Or you can click here to get coconut charcoal as long as you need.