Coconut charcoal production

There are several fields that can be applied coconut charcoal production machine. They are charcoal making industry, coconut industry, and green biomass recycling industry. Usually coconut shells are including biomass waste. Many vendors choose to burn it directly. However, this waste has a low cost. When investors choose to do coconut shell charcoal making business, the profits obtained are quite large.

Coconut charcoal production machine is sold attractively for customers who are determined to do coconut charcoal business. Then it brings together a fully enclosed carbonization process, a combustible gas recycling part and a smoke cleaning system together. Thus, the carbonization of coconut shells can achieve great economic value and will not cause environmental problems to the environment.

Raw Materials and End Products of Coconut charcoal production

Coconut shells have a wide source in the world. It’s useless if it’s just considered a fruit shell by people. But, making charcoal from coconut shells is the best way to increase its commercial value and usefulness. The final charcoal have many function in factories and daily life.

In addition, other biomass materials (wood, rice husks, bamboo, bagasse, etc.) can transform into charcoal with biochar equipment for sale. Make sure you want to do pyrolysis on what kind of material. The end products are coconut husk charcoal, wood vinegar, tar and biogas. They are in different tanks and you can use it for different ways.

What are the auxiliary equipment in producing Coconut Charcoal?

In addition to Raw Materials &End Products, a factory or company definitely provides three types of auxiliary equipment. They are coconut shell drying machine, coconut shell crushing machine and coconut shell charcoal briquette machine.

  • Coconut shell dryer can use to remove the water content in the coconut shell. It has an energy-saving design. It can use recycled hot air to dry the coconut shell after heating.
  • Then coconut shell crusher can use to cut the coconut shell into small pieces.
  • Beston coconut shell charcoal briquettes machine can make various shapes of coconut shell charcoal briquettes, such as rods, squares, sticks, etc.

What are the Uses of the Final Product Produced from coconut charcoal production machine?

  • Coconut shell charcoal have many function in agriculture to purify the soil.
  • It belongs to natural products. You can apply this product to improve the soil.
  • It is a degradable product that is friendly to our environment.
  • It can be the fuel of BBQ in everyday life.

So a factory must have a series of certificates to guarantee the regular development of Coconut charcoal production and the latest technology applied to coconut shell charcoal making equipment. These certificates include CE, ISO, SGS, etc.


When the customer buys a coconut charcoal production machine, the successful charcoal making machine case is an important element to consider. Because there are so many benefits of coconut shell charcoal in the agricultural industry, shipping industry, painting industry, construction industry. Tell us what the final use of coconut shell charcoal is. Then we can make a business plan according to your local situation.

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