Natural charcoal briquettes

Used charcoal briquettes – When choosing the right briquettes, you want to make sure that the charcoal you choose burns long enough and is hot enough to produce perfectly cooked meat. Of the many alternative fuels, one that uses natural raw materials and can be found all around us is natural charcoal briquettes.

If you have never used charcoal briquettes before, I recommend that you buy a bag of natural charcoal briquettes. It is fund-saving and environmentally friendly. That way, you will know what to pay attention to in terms of quality.

Raw Materials

Many people choose charcoal briquettes made from natural coconut shells. In demand by the public and also by industry because they have energy of more than 7000 calories. They can produce quite high thermal energy when compared to ordinary wood charcoal briquettes.

Some of the reasons and advantages of using this natural charcoal briquette made from coconut shells are that it can certainly be more economical. It also safe and environmentally friendly because of the flammable and durable nature of the coconut shell. In addition, this natural charcoal briquette from coconut shell can produce high thermal energy. It is more durable and definitely more efficient.

Not only that, you can use charcoal briquette from coconut shell for other purposes. Such as sisha or typical cigarettes used by people in Middle Eastern countries there. You can also use it for cooking purposes.

The Other Use of Charcoal Briquettes

It is different with some charcoal briquette users in the field of research who use charcoal briquettes from coconut shells for the manufacture of activated carbon in water treatment plants and carbon sources for various kinds of production industries with basic charcoal needs due to the large demands and also the demands of the industry in narrowing their expenses.

Just like other uses of charcoal briquettes, charcoal briquettes from coconut shells can be a substitute and alternative choice of conventional fuel. Both for household purposes, street food restaurants, restaurants, and hotels. In addition, charcoal briquettes from coconut shells easy to package, making it practical, easy to distribute and deliver to consumers.

The basic ingredient itself, namely coconut shells, can also have the opportunity to be developed as MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). Coconut shells were previously possible as garbage. Now you can use it for modern fuel. The development of charcoal briquettes from coconut shell material can change the fate of many people. Whether from farmers or even hidden unemployed to producers, even businessmen.

Differences in How to Make Natural Charcoal Briquettes and Ordinary Charcoal

After the various discussions above, so what distinguishes this natural charcoal biket from ordinary charcoal? An example is the comparison of charcoal briquettes made from coconut shells, with ordinary charcoal which is also from coconut shells. It has a very hard texture so that it has a much higher heat energy than ordinary charcoal.

But what is clearly visible is the charcoal from the coconut shell which if we hold it there will be traces of charcoal (the hand that holds the black dirt from the residual burning of charcoal). While charcoal briquettes will not give black stains on the hands.

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