Charcoal is so popular in Germany. People use it for grilling and other things, including smoking shisha. We are about to share a little bit about shisha charcoal Germany. As a result, you don’t get confused about charcoal products to choose from for shisha while in Germany.

4 Kg Cube Charcoal

Since charcoal is so famous in Germany, factories, and stores provide large charcoal packages. 4 kg cube charcoal is one of the options. This package contains up to 256 pieces of cube charcoal. The size of the charcoal is 26mm x 26mm x 26mm. It is enough for smoking shisha for a few weeks or months. Advanced shisha smokers and shisha business owners in Germany love to buy this product for their supply.

shisha charcoal germany

10 Kg Charcoal

Business owners who offer shisha even need more than just 4 kg of charcoal. Because of that, 10 kg of charcoal is a common thing in Germany. Some brands pack use cube charcoal and pack it in a 10 x 1 kg package. The common cube charcoal size used in Germany is 26mm.

20 Kg Charcoal

You can even find 20 kg of shisha charcoal Germany in the stores. It seems that charcoal has become one of the primary needs in Germany. That’s why people don’t mind buying a large package of charcoal, including shisha. This package is perfect for restaurants and cafes that serve shisha smoking to their customers. You will have enough stock for customers who love to smoke shisha while enjoying your special menu and talking with friends or family members.

1 Kg Charcoal

How about if you love to smoke shisha alone at home? It is not a big problem. Small charcoal packages are available here. 1 kg of charcoal is enough for solo shisha smokers. Ensure that you get high-quality charcoal to get the best smoking sensation. It will be better if you choose natural charcoal, such as coconut charcoal. Coconut charcoal has a lot of benefits. For example, you will not smell anything after burning the charcoal. All you get is the smell of your favorite tobacco.

It is the same case with the taste. The smoke will not interrupt the taste of the tobacco. Coconut charcoal is tasteless. The most important thing is that you can smoke shisha at home while enjoying the atmosphere, scenery, and quietness. 1 kg charcoal is a good option because you don’t need to store it too long. Storing the charcoal in the wrong method may reduce its quality. 


Imagine that Germany bought a lot of charcoal from other countries from 2021 to 2022. The need was increased from 21 percent in 2021 to 33 percent in 2022. From the data, we know that Germany relies a lot on charcoal. That’s why factories and stores provide a variety of charcoal packages. Even for shisha, stores have a variety of charcoal packages. It is great because you can choose based on your needs.

Solo shisha smokers who love to smoke alone or with a small group of people can buy the smallest package, such as 1 kg or 4 kg. On the other hand, business owners who provide shisha smoking on their list can buy bigger packages, such as 10 kg, 20 kg, or even more. One thing is for sure is the quality of the charcoal. Choose shisha charcoal Germany with little ash, fast ignition time, and long burning time for the best shisha smoking experience.

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