coconut charcoal cooker

If you are already familiar with conventional charcoal briquette, you might need to think several times about using a coconut charcoal cooker. Nevertheless, you will not make any mistakes by using coconut charcoal because of these reasons.

Sustainable Energy Source

Coconut charcoal is a source of sustainable and renewable energy. One thing is for sure, choosing coconut charcoal is a great choice to be more environmentally friendly. You can find various kinds of energy sources, but green energy should be considered more for a better planet and a better future.

Why is coconut charcoal considered a sustainable energy source? The raw material for creating coconut charcoal is natural. It is made from coconut shells that become the waste product of coconut. It means that you can get the material for making coconut charcoal again and again in a short period. The coconut shell is unlimited as long as coconut trees are still growing.

Less Smoke

The comfort when cooking using coconut charcoal becomes another reason why this charcoal can be a great choice for you. You might have experienced hardship when you have to grill with a lot of smoke from the burning charcoal. Smoke will not be a preferable addition when you use charcoal for smoking shisha. There is no need to worry about smoke because coconut charcoal produces little or no smoke at all. You can focus on the smell of the food instead of the smell of the smoke.

High Heat

Another reason why you should try a coconut charcoal cooker is that it can cook faster. There is no need to worry that the food will be undercooked if you use the cooker with coconut charcoal. Why? Coconut shell briquette is different from conventional briquette because it is considered a high-calorie fuel. It comes with a 7000cal calorific value that is considered higher than the conventional briquettes.


Are you worried about the food safety aspect of coconut charcoal, especially since you will use it to cook your food? You can feel safe when using coconut charcoal for cooking because the manufacturing process of the coconut charcoal briquette is completely natural.

The factory might use a binder for adhering the charcoal powder when it is shaped into briquettes. However, you can make sure that it is safe because the adhesive material for coconut shell briquette is completely natural and organic. Corn starch or cassava starch is used often as a coconut shell briquette adhesive agent.

Long Burning Time

Do you have to spend a lot of money buying conventional charcoal because it does not last long enough? This should not be a problem any longer if you choose coconut charcoal briquette instead. The burning time of the coconut charcoal briquette is considered long. It can last for almost 2-3 hours non-stop for single use.

It is more than just a great way to save some money because it can also free you from hassles in preparing another batch of briquette to replace the current briquette that is running out quickly. You can make sure that using a coconut charcoal cooker will be more efficient and effective.

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