Benefits of coconut shell charcoal

Benefits of coconut shell charcoal is part of the outer skin of the coconut fruit. This outer skin has a hard texture and can be used as a variety of needs in carrying out human life. In addition to the shell part, it is certainly familiar to the public that coconut has benefits produced from all its parts. Starting from the stem, the leaves, the fruit, the fruit water, the inner skin, to the outer skin are very useful for human needs.

Coconut shells itself are parts that are useless. The outside of this scalp is a hard part and is more discarded by society. Even though the coconut shell also has many benefits. The shape of shell charcoal form by processing the coconut shell.

Coconut shells can use to wide variety of benefits for your health. You are certainly curious what are the Benefits of coconut shell charcoal for our lives. Next we will talk about some of the benefits of coconut shells in human life.

Some Benefits of Coconut Shell Charcoal

  • To eliminate the various causes of the disease

The presence of toxins inside needs can be the cause of various diseases. This toxin can cause liver pain to kidney failure.

Even toxins that accumulate in the body can also cause depression. Detoxing the body from toxins can minimize the possibility of being exposed to various diseases that are classified as severe.

  • To beautify the skin

You can also use it for beautify the skin, as a mask or scrub. It will effectively remove impurities that stick to the surface of the skin as well as remove dead skin and make the skin brighter, whiter and more beautiful.beautify the skin.

  • Purifying water

Activated carbon made from coconut shell charcoal can be used to filter various harmful substances carried in the water. You can also use it for purify drinking water and you can consume it every day.

  • Preventing hangovers

Coconut shell charcoal, especially those in the form of activated carbon. It can be used to prevent hangovers after consuming beer or other alcoholic beverages. It is highly recommended to prevent hangover after consuming alcoholic beverages.

  • As an inflammatory drug

In addition to removing toxins in the body, coconut shell charcoal can be useful for relieving inflammation. Because toxins, bacteria and viruses and other causes of inflammation can lost by activated carbon derived from coconut shell charcoal.

Types of coconut shell charcoal based on specifications

When viewed from the specifications, several types of shell charcoal are:

  1. Dead of empty shell charcoal with a max moisture content of 10% (top grade)
  2. Charcoal shells die flush with a max moisture content of 12% (activated carbon)
  3. Dead shell charcoal flush with a max moisture content of 15% (briquettes)

Meanwhile, in addition to the moisture content, the another important specifications is shell charcoal are dust levels. Dust content is the ratio of how much debris in the form of dust particles are on 1 sack of shell charcoal.

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