How to burn coconut charcoal

How to burn coconut charcoal – Charcoal has been used since time immemorial in household activities to other activities that require hot temperatures, one of which is to cook food. It is said that charcoal can make the taste of food more delicious. In the modern era, charcoal is still used as a food cooking fuel in outside activities. Such as cooking barbecue, grilled chicken, or satay. 

For those of you beginners, it may be confusing how to turn on the correct charcoal without having to make a mess. So Don’t worry, this article will give you various tips on how to burn coconut charcoal quickly from how to burn to how to ignite it.

Step-by-Step How To Burn coconut charcoal 

1. Preparing the Grill

The first way to turn on charcoal easily and quickly is to prepare charcoal and grills. Make sure the grill is placed in a spacious and safe place.

2. Clean Grill

Make sure the grill is clean, not wet and free of ash or dirt. Don’t forget to also clean the remaining charcoal debris. That is usually found on the bottom and corners of the grill.

3. Open Airways

Make sure the grill has enough oxygen or air. This serves so that later the fire does not go out quickly. If the fire is always extinguished, then the roasting process will also be choked.

4. Preparing the coconut charcoal

Do not forget to prepare charcoal of the size that fits the grill. In addition, charcoal can also be mixed with coconut shells or wood. So that the fire can last a long time and emit a distinctive aroma.

5. The shape of the charcoal is similar to the pyramid

The way to light charcoal easily and quickly that many people may not know about is to arrange it like a pyramid. Collect charcoal or coals and a pyramid-like shape at the bottom of the grill. With such a composition helps the fire to spread evenly.

6. Using light charcoal liquid

In order to get a fire that lasts a long time or does not quickly extinguish, do not forget to use a light charcoal liquid. You can pour the liquid, then leave it to infuse for 3-5 minutes.

7. Starting the fire

If you have done the method as in the points above, you can light a fire using a lighter on the part of the charcoal that is exposed to the liquid. After that, the fire burns the charcoal for 10-15 minutes until then it becomes coals.

If the coconut charcoal is grayish-white and reddish in the middle, it means that the charcoal is ready to be used to grill satay. Do not forget to use tongs to arrange the charcoal.


And that’s step by step how to burn coconut charcoal. Burning coconut charcoal may be difficult for beginners, but not by practicing how to light the charcoal above. When finished using, the grill should be cleaned properly.

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