How to make coconut charcoal briquettes

Coconut charcoal briquettes become the best option for a BBQ party. It is made of coconut shells formed into briquettes. It makes everyone wonder why the ways how to make coconut charcoal briquettes. And also, it looks so solid and square different from coconut shells. These are some ways to make it for your daily cooking activity or grilling. 

1. Preparing Materials and Tools

It becomes the first step to do. You need to prepare some materials and tools for making coconut charcoal briquettes. You require a charcoal briquette machine, a briquette printing tool, a briquette oven, and a mixing machine. For the materials, you can use coconut shells, tapioca flour, and water. 

2. Using a Manual Way 

You can put coconut shells into a tong. Then, you can burn it in a close condition. Make sure that it only has less ventilation. It will make a burning process run perfectly to make coconut charcoal briquettes. 

3. Using Pyrolisis

You can put coconut shells into a pyrolisis tank in a close condition. Then, you can manage the smoke to content until it changes into water smoke. 

4. A Sieging Process

The next way is a sieging process on how to make coconut charcoal briquettes for your BBQ party. You can reach this process after a manual burning process or using a pyrolysis process using the special tool. Next, you can use the help of a distilling machine for sieging process. It is a mixing process of coconut shells with tapioca flour. It is essential to make the right formulation of charcoal briquette before you print it. 

5. A Sifting Process

Let’s move to the next way. You will reach a sifting process. After you siege coconut shells, you can sift charcoal. The destroying process of charcoal starts with a sifting process to make coconut shells soft and gentle. You can sift it with a filter with the size of 50 mesh. It will produce soft coconut shell powder before you print it. 

6. Media Mixing 

Soft coconut shell powder is mixed with water and tapioca glue with the right formula. You can use 2.5% of coconut shells. It will produce the perfect texture of coconut shell mixture to print into briquettes. 

7. Printing Process

After you mix some media, it is time to print coconut charcoal into briquettes. Make sure that you have checked the mixture. It will determine the consistency of the briquette printing process. The printing process requires a printing machine. It is to make the same size of charcoal briquettes. 

8. Drying Process

The last step on how to make coconut charcoal briquettes is a drying process. You must dry it in the oven at a temperature of 650 degrees Celsius. You must bake it for two hours. It will make your charcoal briquettes dry perfectly. If you don’t use an oven, you can use the help of sunlight. Make sure that it is really dry. 

Those are some simple steps on how to make coconut charcoal briquettes. Coconut charcoal briquettes are the favourite charcoal type for BBQ and grilling. It gains some benefits from using it. It makes many people try to produce it. 

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