coconut shell charcoal price indonesia

Many businesses and companies who need coconut shell charcoal often consider the coconut shell charcoal price Indonesia. The reason is that the price itself is within the affordable range from the industrial perspective. Of course, it is always necessary for businesses and companies to look for the best price for any material they need. What makes it that way in the first place?

Among the things that affect the fairly competitive pricing of coconut shell charcoal from Indonesia is its vast area of land. Indonesia is an archipelago that stretches across three different time zones. Therefore, the potential of the land itself is remarkable. There are numerous types of land across the country that can be suitable to plant many trees including coconut trees.

With the vast area to plant coconut trees, it is easy for coconut shell charcoal manufacturers in Indonesia to search for the best materials. More importantly, coconut itself is one of the most common ingredients to use in the field of Indonesian cuisine. As a result, it is easy to find unused coconut shells in many places. Abundant materials availability leads to a more competitive price, indeed.

Of course, it is easy to find the price of the coconut shell charcoal that comes from Indonesia. There are more than 30 factories that produce coconut charcoal in Indonesia for many purposes. Most of them have their official website that provides much information regarding their products. Of course, the information on the coconut shell charcoal price Indonesia is there as well.

Without a doubt, the price of charcoal varies accordingly depending on the products. It means that the prices for the hookah charcoal and the BBQ charcoal will be different from one another. The price will also be different when there are different raw materials to produce the final products. It is best to ask for the complete list of the products and the price before ordering in bulk.

The Price of Coconut Shell Charcoal Price Indonesia

The Price of Coconut Shell Charcoal Price Indonesia

Here is an example of coconut shell charcoal price Indonesia from one of the factories. The hookah charcoal made of 100% coconut shells will cost $900 per ton for the C grade. On the other hand, the B grade costs $1150 per ton and the A grade sits at $1250 per ton.  Furthermore, the highest grade comes at the price of $1500 per ton.

Another factory even provides its pricing for each piece or lump of the coconut charcoal itself. There is this one that offers an A-grade coconut charcoal in its natural lump form for $0.71 each. So, it is easy to find the best deal on the best available product according to the needs of worldwide businesses and companies.

Of course, it is possible to secure a better deal by making a bulk purchase of those materials. So, there is no need to hesitate in asking for the bulk price of the products from factories. In many ways, it is beneficial for the global industry that needs in their operations. 

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