coconut and charcoal

The fusion of coconut and charcoal has been widely known for various industries. Furthermore, the export value for this item is really high as well. The part of coconut that is used us for sure the shell. Charcoal is generally made by heating or burning sugar, bone, wood, or other objects. The final product is black, easily crushed, lightweight. The resembles coal has substances consisting of 85% to 98% carbon, and the rest is ash or other chemicals. Today you can learn more about the coconut shell coal product.

What Is Coconut Charcoal

It is one type of charcoal that has the basic ingredients of Coconut shells. The benefits of these items are many and strategic enough to be used as a business. This happens because currently it is still rare for people to have the knowledge to take advantage of the various benefits of coconut and charcoal fusion. 

Hookah Charcoal Coconut

Besides being used as charcoal by burning directly, coconut shells can also be used as the basic material for making charcoal briquettes. However, the raw materials must come from coconuts that are old enough. It is because the old shells are denser and the water contained there is less. The selling price of this product is arguably quite high as well. The reason is that the process to get a right coconut and shell fusion is quite difficult. Besides that, the price is also quite expensive.

The Coconut and Charcoal Function for Health 

There is a good news that this coal also has so many benefits for our health. Here are some lists of those benefits that can make our quality of life is better:

  1. Absorb the Toxic Things 

This product is a very effective absorbent of toxins. Toxins in the body that you get from food can be absorbed effectively by consuming this charcoal. However, it would be much better if you use the one that has become an activated carbon. Because besides being much more effective, activated carbon is much safer because it has gone through a process which makes it is edible. 

  1. Lower the cholesterol level

Not all cholesterol must be eliminated from your body. Especially if the cholesterol is a type of the good one. Bad and good cholesterol are needed by your body. But it must be in normal levels and not exceed normal thresholds. To overcome high cholesterol, activated carbon can be an effective solution to reduce high cholesterol levels. Make sure it is made from the coconut and charcoal that have a good quality. 

  1. Cleanses the digestive system

Do you want to have a clean and smooth digestion? The benefits of this product is to help you cleanse the intestines and launch the digestive system. Coconut shell charcoal can be used by consumption for the purpose of detoxification. It could be consumed to remove dirt and toxins contained in the digestive organs.

  1. As an inflammatory drug

In addition to removing toxins in the body, the mixture of coconut and charcoal can be useful to relieve inflammation. Because toxins, bacteria and viruses and other causes of inflammation can be absorbed well by the activated carbon. It is especially those that are derived from these both materials. That is why; the coconut and charcoal mixture product can be a great health solution in the future. 

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