Serving a roasted turkey, chicken, or ham on holiday dinner can make the holiday merrier. You can cook this menu in a couple of methods. One of them is using a smoke cube charcoal roaster. This particular cooker seems old fashioned, but it allows you to have tender and juicy roasted meat.

What is Smoke Cube Charcoal Roaster

The smoke cube charcoal roaster is a cooker or device to cook smoke or roasted meat. As its name suggests, the shape of this cooker is a cube. Inside this cube, you will find a big metal basket and four charcoal towers.

The cooker works by cooking the meat slowly for hours at low temperature. This method makes tougher meat tender and tastes more delicious.  

You can get this cooker easily at retail stores near you or via online marketplace. Some roasters come under the name of Backyard Classic Smoke Cube Charcoal Roaster. This particular cooker is quite popular. Its charcoal towers can hold up to 12 briquettes and last for 3 hours without refilling.

How to Cook Using the Roaster

To cook roasted turkey or ham using a smoke cube charcoal roaster, you can follow these steps below.

  • Season the turkey or ham with your favorite seasonings or according to a certain recipe.
  • Place the turkey or ham in the metal basket
  • Light the charcoal. You can do it by using a chimney starter and paraffin cubes or newspaper.
  • Put the lighted coals into each of the towers. Fill the towers until they are full of coals.
  • Place the basket in the middle of the cooker.
  • Close the lid and wait until the turkey or ham is perfectly cooked.

Note: You may need to add more lighted charcoal when the charcoal inside the cube almost runs out and the meat is not fully cooked yet. You may also need a thermometer to check the temperature. A bigger turkey or ham will likely take more hours to cook.

Best Charcoal for Smoke Cubes Charcoal Roaster

You can actually use most types of charcoal with the smoke cube charcoal roaster. However, for best results, it is better to use coconut charcoal briquettes. This type of charcoal is the best because it offers these benefits.

1.     Last Longer

Coconut charcoal briquettes are made of carbonized coconut husk powder that is pressed into very dense briquettes. Therefore, they have the ability to burn longer. If you use this type of charcoal, you don’t need to refill the charcoal towers.

2.     No Odor  

Coconut charcoal has no odor. Therefore, using this charcoal will not affect the smell of your roasted turkey or ham. It does not leave any aftertaste on the meat either.

3.     Eco-Friendly Smoke Cube Charcoal Roaster

This particular charcoal does not come from wood, but from the agricultural waste, that is coconut shells. Therefore, it is more eco-friendly than wood charcoal because no tree felling is involved in its manufacturing process. It is also 100% natural and non-toxic.

4.     Less Ash

Coconut charcoal briquettes leave less amount of ash than the traditional charcoal does. Consequently, the roaster owners do not need to spend much energy cleaning it after cooking.

The best charcoal will make your smoke cube charcoal roaster work better and produce more delicious roasted turkey or ham. Therefore, be sure to have coconut charcoal ready before roasting the meat. Please visit our website, for more information about coconut charcoal briquettes or you can click here to order.