Coconut shell charcoal uses

It might not be an overstatement to say that coconut is a miracle fruit. Not only is the fruit itself tasty and nutritious. The shell itself also has a lot of uses that you might not be aware of. So we’ll be talking about the many coconut shell charcoal uses you might not be aware of. For both its activated and non-activated variant.

As a Regular Charcoal

When not activated, coconut shell charcoal is used for the regular things you’d used coals for. But the difference with the coconut shell charcoal is that it’s completely organic. So if you’re using it to cook something, you will not have the horrible taste/smell that often accompanies inorganic charcoals.

This makes the charcoal the first choice for grilling and smoking. So next time you’re throwing a BBQ party, consider using coconut shell charcoals to grill your meat. Same thing with hookah or shisha. You will notice an even better taste and smell when you use coconut shell as its fuel.

As an activated charcoal

As an activated charcoal, the coconut shell charcoal uses expands considerably considering how useful activated charcoal is in the first place. Other than its ability as a substance poisoning treatment, here are some more activated coconut shell uses you might not know of:

Coconut shell charcoal uses As a food ingredient

Believe it or not, there are food made with activated coconut shell charcoal as an ingredient. Since it is organic, it has no taste or odor so you won’t notice anything fishy with a food that contains coconut shell charcoal in it. But the great thing is that the food will be much healthier for you.

The harmful substances in your body are trapped by the activated charcoal due to its adsorbent quality. So not only you’re eating delicious food, you’re also cleaning your body while doing so. 

If you’re curious about what kind of foods exist using activated coconut shell charcoal as an ingredient, just look at the fabled coconut shell charcoal ice cream.

Coconut shell charcoal uses as a beauty product

Not only is it useful to clean the inside of your body, one of the many coconut shell charcoal uses is that you can use it as a skin care product. This is because it’s very effective at eliminating bacteria and impurities thanks to its adsorbent quality.

Precautions when Using Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal

Before you start ingesting any activated coconut shell charcoal or any activated charcoals in general, make sure to consult with your doctor first before doing. So as there might be complications that can results to bad things happening if you’re not careful.

Even on the cases of substance poisoning, consult with your doctor first before ingesting an activated charcoal as not every toxic substance can bind to the activated charcoal.


And those were everything for this article on the coconut shell charcoal uses. It’s a miracle product, honestly and burns cleanly and more efficiently as a charcoal; it’s tasteless and odorless, and it’s also very good tool to flush out your system if you ingest it as an activated charcoal.


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