The Most Complete Charcoal Cube Shisha and Another Forms 

The Most Complete Charcoal Cube Shisha and Another Forms Charcoal cube shisha is a very popular type of charcoal for shisha use. Of the many types of charcoal for shisha, this charcoal is the most commonly used. You certainly will not be difficult to find the existence of this charcoal. 

Besides charcoal for shisha cubes, you also need to know charcoal for other shisha in different forms. That way, you can understand what types of charcoal are commonly use for shisha. The variation is actually not that much so it can be easier to understand. 

Different Forms of Charcoal for Shisha You Need to Know 

The variations as charcoal for shisha that are widelt circulated in the market are certainly very diverse. Of course, it can adjust to the user’s usage. There are several forms of charcoal for shisha that are widely circulated in the Indonesian market, including:

  1. Tablet 

The type of charcoal commonly found in the Indonesian market is tablet charcoal. As the name implies, pressing makes this charcoal so that it is flat like a tablet. Although this charcoal can be use for shisha, most people use it as stove fuel. 

  1. Pillow  

The form of charcoal for shisha like this is actually similar to tablet charcoal. Even though it’s called pillow charcoal, you can’t use it to sleep. This charcoal can be use for burning shisha. However, most often this charcoal is use for BBQ grilling because the heat can last a long time.

  1. Hexagonal   

This type of hexagonal charcoal is also no less popular with charcoal cube shisha. This charcoal is hexagonal in form with a very variable length ranging from 5 to 10 cm. This charcoal is from wood charcoal so that besides shisha, this charcoal can also be use as fuel for briquettes stoves.

  1. Charcoal Cube Shisha    

Cube charcoal is the most commonly used for burning shisha. The size start from 2,5 cm. It is easy to find this charcoal in various stores selling charcoal for shisha. Besides being able to be used for burning shisha, we can also use this charcoal for burning BBQ. 

How to Select The Best Charcoal 

There are many types of charcoal in the market, of course, it often makes you feel confused, right? That’s why you have to be selective in choosing the best charcoal. You should be able to see what kind of charcoal is suitable for your needs, especially for shisha burning. 

  1. Pay close attention to the length of the charcoal burning process. If the charcoal burns faster, it means that the charcoal has good quality. So, you can choose charcoal like this.
  2.  When the embers are burning, make sure the fire is burning normally. Pay attention to the flame and make sure it doesn’t gush or give off other sparks.
  3.  Also check the ashes. If the ash produced is predominantly white, it means that the charcoal is of good quality.

Besides charcoal cube shisha, it turns out that there are also variations of other forms of charcoal that you can look at before buying it. Make sure you buy charcoal for shisha in the best places like ours. We are ready to provide a variety of charcoal for shisha according to your wishes. Please contact us whatsApp +628-1212-333-590 (Maria) or buy it at