The Process of How to Make Charcoal for Shisha

The Process of How to Make Charcoal for Shisha at Factories and at Home – The hookah or shisha charcoal is different from the common charcoal used in other purposes. It is because the shisha charcoal has certain qualities that can enhance the hookah session. To obtain these qualities, a particular process of how to make charcoal for shisha must be done.

How to Make Charcoal for Shisha at Factories

One of the most recommended shisha charcoal is coconut charcoal. This type of charcoal has all the qualities needed by shisha smokers. As its name suggests, this charcoal is made of coconut shell.

Some of you may be wondering how coconut shell can be processed into coconut charcoal briquette. Charcoal factories generally followed these steps of how to make charcoal for shisha when they were manufacturing hookah charcoal.

  1. The Preparation Process

During this process, the charcoal factories collect the raw materials. The main material is coconut shell. It is commonly obtained as a byproduct from other industries. 

Another raw material that must be collected is starch for binding the carbon. Hookah charcoal factories generally use tapioca starch, potato starch, or cornstarch as the binder.

  1. The Production Process

Once the factories have the raw materials, they can start the production process. This process consists of these steps.

  • Carbonization or turning the coconut shell into charcoal using a carbonization furnace or kiln.
  • Grinding the coconut charcoal into smaller particles.
  • Mix the charcoal powder with the binder. The ratio of coconut charcoal powder to the binder is 20:1.
  • Press the coconut charcoal mix into dense briquettes using a briquette maker.
  • Drying the coconut charcoal briquettes.
  1. Packing the Shisha Charcoal 

The last step of how to make charcoal for shisha is packing. Most factories use a particular packing machine in order to make this process more efficient. 

How to Make Shisha Charcoal at Home

When you are running out of shisha charcoal and don’t have enough money to buy them, you can try to make them on your own at home. The process of how to make shisha charcoal at home is, of course, different from their manufacturing process.

  1. Choosing the Raw Material

Since not everyone has a carbonization furnace and pressing machine or briquette maker, then you need to choose other raw materials than coconut shells. For your hookah charcoal, you can use lemon, apple, cherry, olive wood, or other fruitwoods.

When purchasing the fruitwood, make sure that it is unprocessed. Therefore, there is no added chemical that can harm you when you are burning the coals.

  1. Carbonization Process

In this process, you can follow these steps.

  • Cut the wood into chunks. If you want to have 2-inch coals, for example, cut the wood into 4-inch chunks.
  • Prepare an unused paint can. If you use a used paint can, clean it thoroughly. 
  • Next, put the wood chunks into the paint. Close the can tightly
  • Make three holes at the top by nailing them.
  • Place the can in a large enough wood fire.
  • Burn the can for 120 minutes or 150 minutes.
  • Remove the can from the fire, be sure to use a certain tool in removing it.
  • Open the can when it is cool and use the charcoal to enjoy your shisha session.

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