briquette coconut

Briquette coconut most likely is made of three 100% natural ingredients. They are fine charcoal powder, cassava starch, and water. Many coconut charcoal and briquette manufacturers use these three to create their products. However, what makes it different is the extra chemical ingredients. Below, we have listed the dangerous chemical material that could exist in a coconut briquette. Let’s see what kind of chemical material they are!

The Standard Chemical Material for Making Coconut Briquette

The chemical material in coconut charcoal and briquette will add a new property that makes the quality of the product increase. But, many of them have a dangerous effect. Here are some of those materials:

–      Wood and Sawdust

It increases the ignition speed and produces white ash. You can find more about it from the briquette smell. Moreover, it also creates tear drops when you burn it because it has high carbon emissions. Even though it has ignition speed benefits. Yet the coconut briquette with this material can emit carbon that affects the taste and smell of the food.

–      Limestone

 It is also known as the whitener. Limestone will create white ash color. You can find it also by using the smell of briquette. Moreover, the white ash also feels thicker, closer to the painted white wall. Unfortunately, limestone is pretty harmful to health. It can cause a respiratory problem and even severe shortness of breath if you get a long exposure period.

–      Borax

Borax acts as lubrication. It helps the manufacturer to create the briquette coconut in various forms. To detect this material, you can look at the briquette under a bright light. If it has an acute glow color, that is a sign of borax. Moreover, the smell also is a bit oily, which makes it easy to differentiate from the natural coconut briquette and charcoal. What is the dangerous effect? It causes respiratory problems, vomiting, diarrhea, and many other health problems.

–      Sodium Silicate 

This material is also known as water glass. Manufacturers use it to create a more solid and denser briquette. You can easily see it on the briquette surface. The briquette that used this material has almost no crack. Moreover, it is very difficult to break it into smaller pieces. This material is dangerous because it causes severe irritation in the respiratory tract. In the worst case, it can damage your lungs.

Things You Should Remember

Even though those materials are dangerous, there are still some companies that use them to make their product look attractive. However, their number is small. These days, many coconut charcoal and briquette manufacturers use a more environmentally friendly method. Therefore, their product is also safe for your health. Therefore, you should choose the product carefully. Use this guide before you get any coconut charcoal or briquette product. Research the company to find out its reputation. Read the review to find out more about the product from those companies. It might take a lot of time. But, at least, that will help you to get the best briquette coconut. 

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