coconut charcoal making

Coconut charcoal is often thrown away. It can be a raw material processed into charcoal. It is a semi-finished material being an innovative charcoal product. This product making is a good way to process it. It is produced based on the market and leading products. You can find ways of making coconut charcoal. 

The Potential of Coconut Charcoal 

This productl has promising export potential. It has a huge market in Europe. It is required to be barbeque fuel. And it is also used for smoking in Eastern countries. Meanwhile, in Asian countries, it is used for cooking in restaurants. It is easy to penetrate the world market, especially in Europe. The products are easy to use. The quality of this product is better than mangrove charcoal. It is also eco-friendly because it does not destroy your plants like a mangrove. Furthermore, the global warming issue is so sensitive in Europe. Coconut shells are beneficial for the coconut charcoal-making process. It becomes a raw material for the medium industry to process into high-quality export products. 

Steps to Make Coconut Charcoal 

This product has become one of the favourite fuel products by customers because it contains some benefits. One of the benefits is active carbon content. It can be used for almost all industrial areas. Active carbon can be a potential material in the pharmacy world. Thus, the making process of it can gain profits from the side products. When you want to use coconut shells, you must clean them. It must be from old coconut. In addition, the used materials must be dry to ease the burning process. Old coconut shells also do not produce smoke. Then here are the ways to make it.

1. Burn coconut shells. A coconut charcoal-making process is a burning process. 

2. Put a pile of coconut shells into a drum. 

3. After that, you can put raw coconut charcoal one by one into the drum. You can keep continuing it until the drum is full of coconut shells. After it is full, you can cover the drum. It is called a kiln drum consisting of four parts. You must assemble them one by one to make a perfect burning process. 

4. Burn coconut shells. You can use leaves, paper, wood, or fuel first to make a fire. If the fire turns on, the drum is covered. 

5. All coconut charcoal products run a burning process. Then coconut shells will be charcoal. 

6. After you separate it from the remaining rubbish from a burning process, you can pack coconut charcoal to be the exporting products. 

It has become an innovative fuel in the world. Some countries are competing to produce the best-quality coconut charcoal to export. 

The Benefits

There will be some benefits of using this product for cooking and fuel. 

1. Anti Poison 

This product is an effective toxic absorption. The toxicity on the body can be absorbed effectively when you consume foods cooked with it. However, it is better to use it to activate carbon because it is safer through a good process. 

2. Reduce Cholesterol 

It is also reducing cholesterol. So it is a good solution for your high cholesterol intake. 

3. Curing some Diseases

It is great for cleaning the digestive system. It also takes you away from the stomach. you can maintain your health. 

A coconut charcoal-making process is a good way to produce the best quality product for export quality. 

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