Coconut shell charcoal buyers in dubai

Coconut shell charcoal buyers in dubai are one of the top customers for this product. Mostly, they use it for charcoal on shisha or hookah, which is part of their culture. Therefore, the demands for this unique charcoal are high among them. Here, we will help you to learn more about these buyers and the usage of this charcoal.

How to Find the Buyers for Coconut Shell Charcoal in Dubai

As a foreign product manufacturer, finding Coconut shell charcoal buyers in dubai could be quite challenging. You might spend more time and money just for finding the right buyers that can give you a good offer as well as a long-term customer relationship. Therefore, we have several tips for you here.

  • Ask the Government for Help

First of all, contact your government. Selling the coconut shell charcoal to a buyer from other countries, like Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates means you are going to export your product. The government has the data for the export destination that you can choose. In this case, you need a Dubai customer. Some of them even send inquiries for this product. So, it is lucky to find this kind of buyer.

Moreover, when you submit a request for exporting your product, you will also get information about the buyer. Therefore, it is not difficult once you asking help from your government. 

  • Use Buyer Finder Online Tool

The other method is using the online search tool. You can find many websites with a list of the potential Coconut shell charcoal buyers in dubai. This one is a good choice for you who want to research the market and make a connection first before going official as the exporter of coconut shell charcoal.

Through this tool, you also can find different types of buyers. From those who only need a small amount of charcoal, to the buyer that wants to buy in bulk and search for a long-term partner to be the supplier of coconut shell charcoal. Therefore, this method is suitable for the B2B model business.

  • Ask Your Friends

Last but not least, you can ask your friends, colleagues, family, or people that you know about the Coconut shell charcoal buyers in dubai. Those who have business experience in this industry will most likely know the network to get you the buyers. So, do not hesitate to ask them.

What is Coconut Shell Charcoal Used for in Dubai?

Other than hookah and shisha, other industries also need this product. For example:

  • Food Industry – many business owners in this industry need natural charcoal like this to create various traditional Dubai recipes.
  • Hygiene and Beauty Product – they also use it for soap and similar beauty products.
  • Golf Courses – Dubai has a sandy geographical structure, which requires charcoal like this as the base of the grass for the golf course.


In general, coconut shell charcoal is one of the commodities that have high demand from the customer in the Middle East, in this case, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, the Coconut shell charcoal buyers in dubai could be the best customer you can get for your business.

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