Coconut charcoal Indonesia

There are many kinds of charcoal that you can choose for your uses. From coconut shell, hardwood, lump, and others. In this category, coconut charcoal Indonesia is most often chosen as one of the best charcoals for people to use. Why is that? Well, here are some advantages of coconut charcoal Indonesia that makes them very popular worldwide.

The Many Advantages of Coconut Charcoal Indonesia

Environmentally friendly

Unlike other charcoal products,it is very environmentally friendly. The Indonesian coconut charcoal is made with coconut shell with a small portion of natural starch to use as a binder.

This makes the coconut charcoal burns very cleanly, leaving no black residue that will damage your environment or equipment. Fun fact: this is also why coconut charcoals are often times the go to product for shisha or cooking purposes.

Renewable as a product

The next thing that this charcoal has going on for it is that it’s considered to be a renewable product. As in, the material used to make it always generated by nature, making it much cheaper compared to other charcoals.

Guaranteed quality

Unlike coconut charcoal from other countries, Indonesian coconut charcoal promises you the best quality possible due to the abundance of coconut tress in said country. It safer and pleasant to use; whether it’s for shisha/hooka or cooking purposes.

Very Competitive Price

We touched upon this advantage earlier, but due to their renewable quality and abundance in Indonesia, coconut charcoals from Indonesia have competitive price. And you don’t have to worry about lower quality either as Indonesia is the best producers of coconut charcoals.

Coconut charcoal Indonesia Very Widely Available

Again, due to its abundance, there are almost no shortage of high-quality coconut charcoal Indonesia. Making it a very consistent choice if you need a coconut charcoal in high quantity consistently.

Should You Choose Coconut Charcoal from Indonesia?

Definitely. Unlike many charcoals that are harmful to the environment, coconut charcoals are much safer. The coconut charcoals with natural ingredients and environment, resulting in a much higher-quality charcoal with barely any odor nor ash when burning it.

All of these makes it the perfect choice for your charcoal needs whether you want to use it for smoking shisha or just regular cooking for your next BBQ party.


All in all, it made from Indonesia is one of the best kinds of charcoal you can get for your needs. It’s safe, environmentally friendly, pleasant to use, and best of all, very cheap to get. 

Risks associated with coconut charcoal made from Indonesia are also almost nonexistent considering Indonesia’s status as one of the most prolific exports in coconut charcoals, so whatever kinds of coconut charcoal you’re using, you can expect that it’ll have the quality you’d expect nine out of ten times.

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