Anyone already familiar with the activity of shisha or hookah will understand that there are specific hookah charcoal ingredients out there. At this point, it is pivotal to notice that there are some differences between the so-called regular charcoal and the one used for shisha. Furthermore, it is also necessary to understand that standard charcoal is not the right choice for hookah. This fundamental thing is crucial for those who want to enjoy shisha or hookah.

Regular Charcoal versus Hookah Charcoal

Some people may not understand this matter just yet when talking about shisha. The charcoal for hookah is not the same as the one for barbeque. It is the first thing to keep in mind before attempting to enjoy shisha or hookah in the first place. It is that way because the material or ingredient is not the same in those charcoal.

hookah charcoal ingredients

More importantly, the purpose of igniting the charcoal itself is also different for the occasion. Thus, there are different materials for each type of charcoal. The specific material enhances the functionality of the charcoal, either for barbeque or shisha. For the barbeque activity, the charcoal is made of burned wood which will produce its iconic aroma for the grilling itself.

On the other hand, hookah charcoal ingredients should not produce any smell or aroma. It is that way to avoid the smell from altering the taste of any substance for the shisha or hookah itself. At this point, it is easy to understand that the charcoal for barbeque is not usable for shisha. It will not be giving the best experience of the activity itself in the end.

The Best Ingredients of Charcoal for Hookah

Among the best hookah charcoal ingredients to find today is undoubtedly the coconut shell. It is easy to find charcoal products for shisha in the marketplace which incorporate coconut shells as the materials. The incorporation of coconut shells is reasonable because it will not produce too much smoke, smell, and ash residue in the end. That makes coconut charcoal one of the best choices for shisha or hookah.

An alternative to the coconut shell charcoal is the one that is made of fruitwood. The so-called fruitwood is not the same as any wood used to make regular charcoal for barbeque and grilling. It comes with similar characteristics as coconut shells. Therefore, it is also one of the best hookah charcoal ingredients out there. So far, there is no competition to those materials for this particular matter.

There is another option to consider on this matter. The so-called light charcoal is also available for anyone who wants to enjoy shisha. It is made of compacted sawdust which contributes to its easy-to-ignite characteristic. Nevertheless, it tends to produce a lot of sparks when burning. It will not last as long as the coconut charcoal as well.

At least, those are the recommended choices when considering the best charcoal for this leisure activity. It is best to try any available options to thoroughly understand the available differences right there. Then, stick to the best choice of hookah charcoal ingredients for the best experience.

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