What is Charcoal for Hookah Shisha?    

What is Charcoal for Hookah Shisha?  These days there are so many brands, forms and styles of charcoal for hookah shisha available in the market. To get the best, of course you have to be really selective in making choices. Do not make the wrong choice because of the many choices.

Pay attention to what types of charcoal for hookah you can use, how much charcoal composition can be use and other detailed information. You can see testimonials from previous charcoal for hookah buyers to convince you more.  

What is Charcoal for Hookah Shisha Use For?

To smoke shisha, lately many people are looking for charcoal. The basic function of charcoal for hookah is actually for a heat source to cook your shisha tobacco. Then, later it will produce smoke. When your charcoal is lit, we will place it on the tin of the hookah bowl.

In addition, you can also put in on a special heat control device. Later the heat will cook the shisha tobacco which will then produce a sweet clouds. This is a unique sensation when you smoke shisha. Certainly very different from smoking tobacco cigarettes.  

Different Types of Charcoal for Hookah Shisha

There are several types of charcoal available in the market. Of course, each type of hookah charcoal has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, before you buy it make sure to first know what the types are. This is important to avoid making the wrong choice. 

  1. Quick Lighting Charcoals

This is charcoal for hookah shisha that looks like a small disc or hockey puck. This type of charcoal will be the fastest lighting charcoal because we coat it with a chemical accelerator that makes it possible to be ignited with a regular cigarette lighter. 

  1. Silver Hookah Charcoals

This is a type of hookah charcoal which is a blend of light quick charcoal and natural style charcoal. This charcoal has a rectangular tab shape with a silver colored film. This is useful as a chemical accelerator so that is can be ignited using a regular cigarette lighter. 

  1. Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoals

We made natural coconut hookah charcoals from compressed coconut coir and are available in various sizes and shapes. However, the most common ones are cube and flat. We made this charcoal with no chemical additives. This makes it take longer to heat the charcoal compared to other types of charcoal. 

  1. Natural Wood Hookah Charcoals  

Then, natural wood hookah charcoals is another variation of naturally from wood hookah charcoal. We usually make wood charcoal from orange wood, lemon wood or bamboo. Most often these charcoals are from in a “finger” style cut. It’s still easy to find this charcoal in a larger form.

Using charcoal for hookah shisha should be adjust to the number of users. At least you can use 1 to 2 charcoals for one time with quick lighting style charcoals. Then, for the use of natural style charcoals, you can use 3 to charcoal at a time.

Do not forget to choose the best charcoal for hookah. If we still confuse you, then you can directly contact whatsApp +628-1212-333-590 (Maria). We are ready to provide the best charcoal for hookah just for you. We make sure you will get the best hookah charcoal.