What is coconut charcoal

What is coconut charcoal – Until now, the coconut palm plant is still one of the important plants in Indonesia. This commodity is generally cultivated by the people, so its social role ranks second after rice. Coconut palm has been known since ancient times as a versatile plant. 

This term has a strong reason, because from the shoot to the root has uses. One of the uses that has recently become a concern for people in rural areas is coconut shell charcoal. After becoming charcoal, it can then be processed back into activated charcoal. 

Then actually what is this. The answer is it that is processed in such a way from coconut material so that it has a high absorption / adsorbtion of materials in the form of solutions or vapors.

What is coconut charcoal?

Coconut charcoal is charcoal made from coconut shells. It use quite strategically as a business sector. This is because it is rare for people to use their coconut shells. In addition to burn directly, you can use it as a basic ingredient for charcoal briquettes.

You can use the coconut shell from an old coconut. Because it is denser and has less water content than from a young coconut. The selling price is quite high. Because in addition to being of high quality, to get the coconut shell is also quite difficult and the price is quite expensive.

The Benefits

  • Overcoming Intoxication

Due to its adsorbent properties, activated charcoal is effective in the treatment of poisoning and overdose if taken orally. The stomach is not able to absorb toxins. Coal can remove toxins from the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Rejuvenating Effect

It is also used to combat the effects of aging by helping the functioning of the liver, kidneys, and adrenal glands, all of which work to keep cells from aging prematurely.

  • Back Pain Relief

Reduces stomach discomfort by removing gases from the digestive system.

  • Natural Detoxification

Charcoal made from coconut shells is useful for purifying the body. Colon detoxification and cleansing products often include it as an ingredient. Due to its ability to absorb toxins and expel them through the intestines, it will serve as an important part of any cleansing system.

  • Skin Care

The use of activated coconut charcoal in cosmetics has become increasingly common in recent years. This is due to the fact that it successfully removes bacteria, chemicals and other impurities. It is a type of sebum that helps keep the skin in check and can be of great help for those who suffer from acne and other skin deficiencies. People also take it to lower their LDL cholesterol, reduce flatulence, and help their kidneys operate better by minimizing the amount of waste they have to process.


From the description above, now you know what is coconut charcoal  is and its benefits. Which was previously possible only use as garbage for ordinary burning. You can use it as a modern fuel and rural communities. The development want to change the mentality of many people from farmers.

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