What is coconut Charcoal

Coconut charcoal briquettes are a source of energy derived from biomass which is used as petroleum and energy from fossils. We can make various kinds of briquettes from raw materials that we find in our daily lives such as coconut shells, rice husks, husk charcoal, sawdust, corncobs, leaves, and so on. Manufacturing briquettes is done by pressing or compacting the process which aims to increase the calorific value per unit area of ​​biomass to be used as alternative energy, so that with a relatively small size of biomass, large amounts of energy will be produce. In addition, the shape of the biomass becomes more uniform, so it will be easier to store and distribute it.

The Definition of Coconut Charcoal Briquettes

Here are the Kinds of briquettes which are coconut and charcoal briquettes. Charcoal is a sedimentary rock composed of the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur. In the process of its formation, we insert coal rocks containing minerals. Combine with moisture, minerals are impurities in charcoal so that in their use, the content of these two materials is very influential. There are many advantages of coconut charcoal briquettes. Here are some advantages of charcoal briquette. This material has advantages over other fossil fuels. Coal briquettes are solid fuels from coal, this solid fuel is an alternative fuel or a substitute for oil. This fuel is also allegedly the cheapest fuel and it is possible to develop it en masse in a relatively very short time considering the technology and equipment used are relatively simple. Other advantages are:

1. The amount of coal that is economically exploitable is more.

2. The distribution of coal throughout the world is even.

3. Because the composition of coal is CHONS + Ash, coal is identical to fuel which is very dirty and not environmentally friendly.

4. Compared to other fossil fuels, the amount of C content per mole of coal is greater.

5. This causes the emission of CO2 from coal is much more.

The Definition of Rice Husk Briquette

Besides coconut charcoal briquettes, there is also rice husk briquette. Rice husk is waste material or material left over from the rice milling process. Destroying waste naturally takes place slowly, so that waste not only disturbs the surrounding environment but also interferes with human health. At each rice mill you will see piles and even mountains of husks that are getting higher and higher. The use of rice husks is still very little, so that the husks are still a waste material that is very disturbing to the environment.

Rice husk comprises a hard layer. In the rice milling process, the husks will separate from the rice grains and become residue or milling waste. The structure of rice husks has four layers. At the top of the four layers, rice husk has silicon which is dominant in both layers of the epidermis which functions as a hardener and protector of the grain against fungi. So, do you want to use coconut charcoal briquettes? Click our website Indonesiacoconutcharcoal or contact us via WhatsApp (Maria Arumingtyas)  email: info@indonesiacoconutcharcoal.net for more information.