What is Coconut Charcoal Shell Briquettes?

Charcoal coconut shell briquettes are briquettes that made of coconut shell. The outer layer of the coconut, or what we often call the coconut shell, has quite a lot of benefits. This raw material is the alternative fuel solution that we need so far. After we process the coconut shell into charcoal, we can use it as a substitute for wood fuel. So, there is no need for trees to be cut down for the wood to be used as fuel. There is one interesting thing, this coconut shell or shell is relatively cheap. Lasts longer when burned when compared to wood. The number of calories or heat energy produced in this coconut charcoal shell briquette is also quite high. So it makes our cooking process cook faster.

Why We Need to Use Charcoal Coconut Shell Briquettes

Good material use for making charcoal, coconut shell briquettes must meet the standard. The material must have a maximum ash content of 2.5% a maximum moisture content of oxygen, and a substance that evaporates at 950°C maximum 15%. To produce charcoal, raw materials are generally heated to temperatures above 500°C. making charcoal is often called the carbonization event. When doing carbonization, the amount of air involved must be limit or minimal. So that carbonization is slow and the yield of charcoal produced is more.

Making briquette with coconut shell is easy and simple but has many benefits. The result of making briquettes is producing an alternative fuel. Coconut shell charcoal briquettes are use for cooking needs, for burning stoves and it also used for baking on an industrial scale. This coconut shell charcoal briquette has several advantages compared to other conventional fuels, such as producing a high level of heat, being environmentally friendly, and is also one of the eco-friendly products.

Coconut Shell Briquettes environmentally friendly

Coconut shell briquettes have a higher heat, are odorless and have a natural aroma and are more durable than wood. In addition, the use of coconut shell charcoal makes the briquettes have a fairly high heat of combustion and also less smoke. Not only the benefits of charcoal briquettes above, by using coconut shells as a material for making charcoal briquettes, we can increase the utilization of forest product waste while reducing air pollution because the smoke generated from burning briquettes is less than burning using wood charcoal.

Using briquettes as an alternative fuel can also save on the use of wood as the main product of the forest so that we can minimize deforestation and take part in environmental conservation efforts. That’s why we really encourage you to use charcoal coconut shells briquettes. It is very safe for the environment so you can also save the Earth!

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